Re: The problems

From: Arvid Nymoen (
Date: Sun Nov 19 2000 - 23:55:22 CET

At 15:47 19.11.00 +0200, Daniel L: wrote:
>Ok... After a little testing:
>Last thing that shows is. Checking for EMU: unwanted
>then nothing, you can't even press CTRL+ALT+DEL..

Trying two times an UMSDos-installation (no floppies) the
same things happens on my computer; it freezes,
only the on/off switch gets me back to DOS again.
(First try with mulinux archive only, second with
mulinux + WKS .)

>But the maintaince mode works and the welcome-thing works

Yes, I and could use Micheles beautiful Configuration tool.
In addition I chose the MC program and edited some configuration
files manually, putting in som subdirectiries in /VAR that was
missing on an earlier attempt. (The Spool and Run subdirectories
was asked for, but missing.)

Now reboot of mulinux was a success.

But unfortunately, when trying the ppp-on command
modem would not ring - even if the port/isp setting now
seems to do the right thing asking for all? necessary details.
(Systest of the modem works.)


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