Re: :( No multiple TTY's

From: Jochen Cichon (
Date: Mon Nov 20 2000 - 08:43:27 CET

> > So I have a Gateway (to internet Modem ttyS1)
> > a Laptop (old 386 12MHz 6MB, 60MB HD with mu AND IT WORKS!!!!)
> > connected to ttyS2
> > and a Palm connected to ttyS0
> > Problem: Both use IRQ4
> > But there is no way to say hey, do sharing, or polling on one line.
> > So I have to change the IRQ for one of them. :(
> "setup -f port" allow to select irq for any ttyS*: only if you leave
> dash "-" it does auto_irq probing.
> Try!

I've done that before :( But no way. I've read setserial manpages.
You need a special hardware for IRQ sharing on Serial lines :(
But I'm going to change one of the IRQ's to any free one :)
(If any!)

But there is something other that looks a bit strange.

If i do internet surfing :) (with lynx) an the gateway everything is perfect.
Also the speed, with a 56k Modem. I done that on the 386 Laptop. Hey ok.
The machine is slow. And the connection is not so fast as the modem. But
I think its such as fast as the line can do it. (38k)

But If I use my Pentium (connected over Network 10Mbit to Gateway)
I mostly get nothing or only the text. I looked at that with trafshow,
and the connections are dieing to fast. So if I use reload. Most of the images
were loaded... (after a while) but a download never works (from the Pentium)
Is that a bug in the routing mechanism on mu? Or must I buy a bigger machine :(.
But with Suse xx it works on that 486 Gateway.

Ciao Jochen

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