Re: [WAY OFF-TOPIC] A request off a little program.

From: Mark Roberts (
Date: Tue Nov 21 2000 - 15:37:32 CET

> > Surely what you want is a five line c-program and another thirty line
> > c-program? What's the problem? Have you no c-compiler for dos? I have
> > djgpp here (which is a dos port of gcc and g++), do you still need those
> > programs? I'm all fingers.
> >
> What's the dimension in Kb of the djgpp package?

I remember downloading 10-20 MB. The directory now contains 26MB, that's
after decompression. Look at

for more information. I never bothered with an environment, I downloaded
the minimum plus the debugger, which crashed regularly.

IMPORTANT NOTE: djgpp requires something or other that 386 hasn't got.
co-processor? 32bit? I forget.

Good luck, Mark

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