[mu SETUP - Newbie] Internet

From: Arne Hagenah (ahagenah@web.de)
Date: Tue Nov 21 2000 - 18:31:33 CET


    I have problems to get the WWW, E-Mail and News-groups.
    After having installed the interesting muLinux I tried out the
    way to the internet.
    What works is ping and traceroute.
    I mostly wonder that I can't access the WWW (maybe there
    are different reasons that don't let me get newsgroups etc.).
    I installed muLinux several times. Also on my harddisk as on
    some floppies.
    I am a real newbie for Linux - but I work on it ! ;-))
    I bought me a book about Linux and read it - but I can't
    explain why this does not work ...

    Has anyone an idea ?? - I would be glad to try out some new

    Because I am new to the list I say hello to muLinux and the
    ones who spend there time in helping newbies and developing
    muLinux !
    My computer is a Pentium 133 with 16 MB RAM and Win95 as
    main system.
   Some weeks ago I tried to install Suse-Linux.
   I was astonished about _how_ old my system ist, because with
   the 16MB it ist complicate to use the full features of
   Suse/Staroffice etc.
   So I downloaded muLinux to try a different view.
   muLinux fascinates me because of the efficience. ;-)
   For me it has a special atmosphere. :-)

                                                        Greetings: Arne.

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