Re: [WAY OFF-TOPIC] A request off a little program.

From: Mark Roberts (
Date: Tue Nov 21 2000 - 21:55:30 CET

> > Do this does run on muLinux? If yes the cgi in shell is very simple,
> > and someone on the list will realize as exercise.
> Well the cgi-script should be runnable on a unix enviroment, on my
> isp. I can't now remember the exact brand of unix used.

In that case a simple awk-script should do the job. Except: how would I
access the environment from awk? Do I need a shell wrapper, like this:

awk -v length=$CONTENT_LENGTH '{ loop over cgi-data }'

or does awk support that sort of thing itself? On the other hand, I need a
shell-wrapper to call 'ls -l', so that awk can extract the directory data
from it. But the question stands nonetheless.

Greetings, Mark

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