Re: [mu SETUP - Newbie] Internet

From: Jochen Cichon (
Date: Wed Nov 22 2000 - 09:41:07 CET

> Star Office is hardly usable even in 64MB, it is really huge. Another big
> eater is KDE: you may find that a smaller window manager (my favorite is
> fvwm2) is more appropriate for 16MB.

Jep I think fvwm2 is one of the best. But on mu there is only fvwm95 :(
Don't like the START Bar an so on :) BUT hey ok. I can get wm :)

You know aewm :) Just give that a try (sri... must find source for mu)
but test it on another dist.

> Or mu of course. With muLinux you can get from here to Sirius in 16MB.



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