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From: Dumas Patrice (
Date: Wed Nov 22 2000 - 13:36:32 CET

Michele Andreoli a écrit :

> On Tue, Nov 21, 2000 at 05:43:06PM +0100, Dumas Patrice wrote:
> > Hi,
> > Sorry, it is a very long mail.
> > Oh, it seems that I am a little late 11r0 is soon released, oh and 11r1
> > too !!...
> We have problem with the 11.x release. Please, stops temporarily your
> work on the 2.2.* kernel and helps us!

I do it right now. But I have internet access at work and possibility to
test mu at home, so there is some delay. And I did all those things before
knowing that there was a new release.
And note that I only use 2.2 kernel because I can recompilate it with
old-ide interface. My aim isn't to have a mu with 2.2 kernel, I agree with
you that it isn't really interesting.

> You have both release 10r5 and 11r1: try to install an unmodified
> copy of 11r1 on the floppy disk and try to figure out WHY it blocks
> after the last addon (EMU) question, before to enter in runlevel-5.
> In all my test, absolutely do not blocks, thus I can't reproduce
> the error.

I tried 11r1, it works well on my computer. I think the bug is fixed now ?
I think also that the tmp ressource should be automatically configured. Too
much things rely on it. But I also suggest that it remains a setup
ressource, so that it is possible to change it's size after installation.

The dialog feature is really nice.
I ask for a new profile : when I test something I changed with muLinux, I
only setup some critical things :
usr, keymap (fr in my case), (and tmp...). Maybe you should add such a
profile ? Or maybe I could try myself, if you think it is a good feature.


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