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From: Mark Roberts (
Date: Wed Nov 22 2000 - 23:50:10 CET

On Wed, 22 Nov 2000, Dr. Michael Hartje wrote:

> Hello,
> this list is very active. The information and discussion is very useful.
> But there migth be people like me, who prefer not to get about all these 40
> mails per day separate. So I ask the administrator of the listserv to allow
> "digest" -- digest of all mails of a day to be sent in once -- as an
> additional feature for reading this list.
> I didnot find any hint on the listserv, where to activate this feature. Have
> I read anything?
> What do other people think about this additional feature?

I can understand where one might want such a feature. But several
workarounds are possible, and some are interesting or even informative.

(1) if on a multiuser system, ask your system admin to create a new user.
Subscribe that new user to all the mailing lists you are interested in.

(2) create or find a mailbox-parser that moves all messages from to a sepaerate folder. In MuLinux this is an exercise for lex
and gcc (GCC-addon). Seeing that you, Dr. Michael, use an MS-product with
a very large version number for your mail, your mail reader probably has
that feature built in. How about the Mu-reader?

(3) do not subscribe to the list at all. Instead use the existing
list-features to receive messages 600-650 or whatever once in the evening.
Mark them with the mouse (since they are now all in a line) and drag them
to another mailbox. Question is, where do you get the magic numbers 600
and 650? Answer: the first number is one more than the last message you
received yesterday. The second number is simple a very large number. The
list-daemon will send all it has and then stop. Note what the last
message was, and remember it's number plus one for tomorrow.

(4) tell your mail-reader to sort incoming mail by sender. That way all
mail from is in one place and can be marked and dragged to
another mailbox. If you're lucky. If you're unlucky, it will sort by
author, so the messages will be shuffled instead of sorted.

Wake up, list! Give us some more interesting solutions!

Good night, Mark

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