Re: The muLinux web-site

From: Jochen Cichon (
Date: Thu Nov 23 2000 - 13:38:32 CET

> If you produce the page with some Microsoft monster, the page
> probabily will look much better, but it can't be read
> by me anymore, an human: my mind do not accept html where the tags
> exceeds the 80% of the total :-)
> That's the problem.

Hey you know user-friendly?? The Comic Strip. Day Oct 06 2000

I think of that, while reading your message. (Specially the part of
human readability. :) )

Pitr (a bit slovak?): You are new tech. Da? Mikhail, tellink me you are
        findink server problems?
Sid (a very old Linux Geek): MM-hm.

Pitr: Am curious to know what is problem. All servers runnink LINUX.
        Smooth as Vodka...
Sid: See. That's just it. You're running this... this watereddown version of
        a real unix...

Mike: Hey. What color is that?
Greg: On Pitr's face? #CC0066. I'm pretty sure.

Try this:

Ciao Jochen

PS: Sorry, can't resist

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