Re: About writable directories and Samba

From: Mark Roberts (
Date: Thu Nov 23 2000 - 15:03:56 CET

On Thu, 23 Nov 2000, Daniel Bourrion wrote:

> I think i've done this :
> ln -s /magasin /home/ftp/pub/magasin
> with /magasin is the mount point of my /dev/hda2 under windows 98
> (mounted with vfat)

Ah, there you have it. The above command creates a link

/magasin -> /home/ftp/pub/magasin

whereas what you need is

/home/ftp/pub/magasin -> /megasin

created by

ln -s /home/ftp/pub/magasin /megasin

File permissions is another story. It is possible to mount vfat as
belonging to a particular group. My /etc/fstab contains the line

/dev/hda1 /DOS vfat defaults,uid=0,gid=101,umask=0007,quiet

which gives the whole partition to the group with group-id 101 and
permissions rwxrwx---. Group 101 I call 'fatuser'. Anybody in that group
can access that partition, others cannot. Maybe this has nothing to do
with your problem, but I felt like sharing.

> Daniel B.

All the best, Mark Roberts

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