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From: Dumas Patrice (
Date: Fri Nov 24 2000 - 12:50:06 CET

Michele Andreoli a écrit :

> > > It is saved by /bin/scan, but I'm not sure.
> >
> > Hum, as I disabled /bin/scan, as because of the old-ide interface compiled in
> > the kernel, fdisk freezed the computer.
> I need of /bin/scan: it is required in
> 1) Dos installer: it gets a list of partitions and try to
> locate the images mulinux.tgz etc.
> 2) El-Torito muLinux: it try to figure out where is the cdrom
> with the images.

Ok, but look at my script, I didn't really disabled the scan, but rather the
devices are scanned in turn and the scaanning stops as soon as a valid /startup
has been found. So if there is harware issues with devices that are broken or the
like, they are scanned only if necessary.

> I have to do the test two times, forcing the "loop" module in the
> kernel of the user? A kind of violence :-)

I think the old way of detecting loop would be sufficient, but it is only my

> > So I also think that a 2.2 kernel on mu
> > disk isn't a good thing.
> Not for the base disk, sure. You know my basic nightmare: future kernel
> and future libc, simply do not fit together in a single floppy disk.

It would happen one day, that's true, if all continue the same way... But on the
other hand, the modularisation is making its way. Maybe if one day the hurd is
finished, the kernel would shrink.


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