Re: In case anyones interested:)

From: Jochen Cichon (
Date: Tue Nov 28 2000 - 08:59:20 CET

> I just grabbed "top" from an old Linux distribution(2.0.30), and copied it to
> /usr/bin on a cloned muLinux 10.5 install.
> It "sorta'" runs, showing cpu usage, load, and memory info.
> And seems to refresh properly.
> It does not show any proccesses although it does list how many and the status of proccesses.(active,sleeping,zombie) But no proccess list
> I think this might be useful to anyone attempting to use muLinux as a server, as a "live" system monitor is very useful in this case.
> Any interest in this???

At that point. I have here some mor scriptie... :)

It does TOP. But without users :) How to get them without "user, who..."
But it provides load, mem, swap, processes and a process list.
OK it is (!) sometimes slow. but a refresh every 5 sec. is ok.
The Script itself is about 1k and it uses uptime (another scriptie) which is
400b so 1.5 k is complete top.

The process list should be sorted. But it doens't work (Hey Michele :) )
ps aux -OC is the same as ps aux --sort:pcpu
Should be sorted with %CPU line. But that doesn't seem to be working :(

OK Bye.


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