From: Dumas Patrice (
Date: Wed Nov 29 2000 - 15:06:01 CET


> Is boot_free a number of bytes that the user is not let use _although_
> they are free, or is it a number of bytes magically free'd by
> the "mu"-script? To be more precise: Change the value (default is 35kb) to
> what? 10kb or 100kb?

I can respond based on my experience : if there is too few BOOT_FREE kbytes,
there is trouble because lilo cannot add it's stuff and some files can't be
added too (but I don't know why). Look at the error messages, while creating
BOOT or BOOT.raw and while adding lilo.

If the BOOT_FREE value is too large, the stuff won't fit on a disk...
When you issue a ./mu -r, there is a message saying how many kbytes are left
uncompressed on the disk. If it is a negative value, the BOOT+ROOT+USR won't fit
on the disk. If it is a positive value, you can increase BOOT_FREE by that value
without too much fears.

basically, the BOOT_FREE value is added to the BOOT.raw filesystem size. So it
is free space added to the BOOT filesystem, which contains all that is needed by
lilo, archives of modules and profiles, some info, the kernel. That filesystem
is used by lilo, and is mounted by setup and boot scripts under /startup but it
is not the root filesystem / for in ram mu, which is ROOT.gz... (although it is
the root filesystem on the floppy).


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