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From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Fri Dec 01 2000 - 21:44:43 CET

On Fri, Dec 01, 2000 at 09:55:24AM -0800, Eugene TS Wong nicely wrote:
> --- Michele Andreoli <> wrote:
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> > But, to be honest, this should be enforced: -not for newbye-, but
> > in more deep sense. The newbye is strongly encouraged to read manpages,
> > documentation, and to use performant tools. muLinux isn't suitable
> > as ship-school, only because it install easy.
> <snip>
> I agree with that. If this is just a hobby, and user-friendliness is not a
> goal, then we don't want new users to get a bad taste of Linux.

This was a worry of mine since long time, but documentation is the
less serious problem. As I stated on the list, time ago, my worry
is that the user, noticing as poor is the look of the muLinux X-Window,
may convince it self that *this* is the current state-of-art about
GUI in Linux.
The Big Mistake! I run on my box the XFCE Window_Manager, Staroffice 5.2,
GNOME, Netscape 4-5, etc and absolutely do not regret anything from

Similar arguments for all other software installed in muLinux: it
is optimized in size, not in performance.

I do not know a solution to this problem: I can only add a big note
on the muLinux site, explain the problem. If you write it for me
with your english, I will add soon.

In the past, this problem was never been pressing, because the muLinux
rustic nature was so evident. If that means that muLinux is going to
*even* looks (!) like a real Linux distro, we have to warn the user
about the dangerous confusion, but also we have to be glad for that!


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