To refuse going to Firenze??? (was: To trash the FAQ?)

From: Karl-Heinz Zimmer (
Date: Sat Dec 02 2000 - 09:08:40 CET

Am Fre, 01 Dez 2000 schrieb Michele:

> I today received an invitation for a meeting in Firenze,
> about muLinux and free software in general, so I'm now
> full restored :-)

This is great!
Go and show them what *can* be done based on Linux! :-)

> But I'm not sure if I will accept: I'm so timid, and my
> public italian is not so good, because I carry a regional
> inflexion (a common problem in Italy).

You mean your pronounciation has kind of an accent?

In Germany there are several tribes united in the state (surely
it is the same in Italy) and some of us are proud of their accent
while others try to hide it.

Example: when listening to people from Swabia you will allmost
allways notice that they do NOT try to hide their Swabian accent
and they are right: WHY SHOULD THEY?

We are human beings, right?

We are not 100 percent pure tedeschi or 100 percent pure italiani
but we also belong to the 'tribe' where we were born.
In my opinion there is NO need to refuse to speak in the public
just because you are ashame because of speaking with a southern
accent, really!

Those kind people from Firenze invited you because they are
impressed by what you DO not by the way you talk.

In fact they are not interested in seeing if you are a so-called
'good Speaker' but they will listen to you carefully and be happy
to meet you - not because they are looking for eloquent people
but because they want to meet Michele Andreoli!

So I hope you will soon tell us a bit about this nice meeting
in Firenze. :-)

Have a nice Saturday!


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