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From: jido@respublica.fr
Date: Sat Dec 02 2000 - 17:08:24 CET

Hi Albrecht,

Albrecht Kleine a écrit :

> Exactly. F-keys are possible, but I've not yet an
> how _different_ F-keys handled on different terminals.
> Maybe we should switch to Alt-... For example I would
> support F1 because Alt-H should do the job.

In my knowledge there are no more than 2 F-Keys handling,
the differences
are the same as Arrow-Keys.

> A question: _HOW_ do you _call_ this key_list /
edit_mode ?
> Is it "common user access" (CUA) or such ?

Could do it. I think it is an ANSI standard. If this is
verified, what
about e3ansi???

> Or is it simply a subset of "nedit" or similar. ?

Nedit and MUCH more... This is the mode for people that
typically use
Windows, Macintosh, KDE or other systems... people that
don't know about
vi/emacs/wordstar shortcuts.
Nota: I just checked it, in reality it is more Kedit than
Nedit (though it
applies mostly to Nedit too)

> Or is it "generic WINDOW$" ?

No! Generic yes, Windows no. Although that is widespread
ALSO in Windows
applications. Yet again, not only W! (getting a little
hysterical here,

> BTW "Close Window/Next window/Previous window"
> won't be supported. Sorry.

So bad. However single-window mode is enough for my needs

> >
> > -- Denis.
> Cheers,
> Albrecht

-- Denis.

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