Re: To refuse going to Firenze??? (was: To trash the FAQ?)

From: José Luis Gómez Dans (
Date: Mon Dec 04 2000 - 15:01:44 CET

On Sun, Dec 03, 2000 at 09:52:10AM +0000, Michele Andreoli wrote:
> Maybe, I enphatized too much the problem of the accent. Do not worry: fortunately, this is
> not the first time that I will speak in front to an audience. I kept in the past courses
> for teachers, about UNIX, C, S.Wolfram Mathematica, Internet, etc.

        Hmmm... I have always been proud of my Galician accent in
Spain... But having lived with a true Fiorentino for a couple of years
(whose father was from Sicily), I can understand how your position :-)

> The invitation in Firenze is not from a Linux User group, such FLUG. The invitation
> comes from a political/administrative structure (gruppo Verdi, the "Green" Group).
> A Linux user (or also a newbie) is prone to understand the eroism behind the free
> software concept; but an alien, used to copy unpaid MS licenses,
> simply tell "What? But Windows does it much better! Why to changes?"

        That is a very interesting experience, actually. I think it
is not an easy task to do, because we are just used to talk to people
who enjoy sed and [m]awk. But, you know, from there on to Government! It
is a bit unfortunate that these people won't know about what I shall
call the "mulinux spirit", as seen on the list. I really enjoy this kind
of environment, where people don't just ask about how to config X and
then disappear. Anyway, just my sandwich hour ramblings :-)

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