Re: FAQ... or Knowledge Base???

From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Mon Dec 04 2000 - 14:14:07 CET

On Mon, Dec 04, 2000 at 12:36:06PM +0100, Dumas Patrice nicely wrote:
> Marko Djukic a écrit :
> > Maybe it is a case of actually defining what is being created here... a
> > FAQ is actually a collection of *FREQUENTLY* asked questions... hence,
> > by definition it should not go into heavily technical questions as they
> > most probably are not asked that frequently.
> Maybe 2 times is even too much ;-).
> > Just looking at the table of contents, the muLinux FAQ is getting to be
> > of noteable size!
> I agree with that. The FAQ is growing up very rapidly !

What is really wrong is the name: FAQ. My intention was to register some
of the interesting questions (in my humble opinion) apparead on the
mailing-list. I do not know a better name: SAQ? Sometimes Asked Question?
NAQ? Never Asked Question?

This is my feeling about this document and, really, I'm not interested
to other kind of document.

In the strict sense, any FAQ in muLinux will become obsolete in 2-3
releases. Obsolete in Linux may also means dangerous.

A FAQ is OK for a single, limited package/software, but for an entire
operating system it is very far to be possible.
In my opinion, a baby can install muLinux without efforts, and in
further releases this aspect will be dramatically enforced. But if still
a FAQ, in the common sense, is required, we need of a mantainer.

I can only *append* new interesting question in the file install.m4,
or tech.m4 or misc.m4, etc. Any further editing (such to move a Q&A
around the section) is out of my intention.

So, my proposal is that: I will continue to add new entry in the SAQ
and will wait for a mantainer for the true FAQ.

The true FAQ will cover only installation topics, in a good or
perfect english. The SAQ will cover various humanity topics, and
will remains fractured for ever. Anyway, Marko Djukic is
working on the SAQ currently, so language should be acceptable, but
further releases will comes without language-revision at all.

Maybe, it is better to repeat: I'm waiting for a mantainer for
the mulinux's FAQ. I wish not control over the FAQ.
I wish no control over the SAQ. This is only a kind of filtered
mailing-list digestion, because we haven't this service at Sunsite.
Any other can collect Q&A from the list and sent to me in plain text.

I wish no control to anything: I wish only to realize something
in a international multi-lingual context and to enjoy myself,
seeing how we are different and how we are similar.


In summing up, I wish I had some kind of affirmative message to leave
you with, I don't. Would you take two negative messages? - Woody Allen
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