Re: To refuse going to Firenze??? (was: To trash the FAQ?)

From: Karl-Heinz Zimmer (
Date: Mon Dec 04 2000 - 21:23:35 CET

Am Mon, 04 Dez 2000 schrieb Michele:
> Yes, the problem. I chosen Linux because it give me some new problem
> to solve. Linux is able to put the user in a status where *the thought*
> is on the foreground, and *the scope* is in the background; but I
> can accept the reality: the 90% of the people put *the scope* at first
> place, and likes to use a computer only strumentally.

> Continuing with the similitudo, the scope is "Staroffice"; the thought
> is "sed": both do editing, in some form, but Staroffice is unable to
> move my brain as I would like.

> Ehi, I like Staroffice very much! it is only an example.

StarOffice? Don't know that program. Is it about astronomy??? ;-)

Ok, Michele, why not tell those people about TeX?

You could tell them about using a skripting language and/or the GNU tools
to create LaTeX Dokuments without going into detail -- and when you see
their in eyes that they do not understand a single word you still have the
option to turn around and talk about StarOffice, KOffice, Gnumeric, Gimp
and the like... :)

Then, if they REALLY are too stupid to understand that, just forget about
applications and tell them about the advantages of KDE 2, show them the
Konqueror, compare the DCOP features to the rustic thing they have in
Windows and so on...
I think, by explaining KDE you should be able to make them understand
that free software IS both sophisticated and usefull!


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