Thanks and Firenze (was Re: Ease of installation - follow up)

From: Angel Martin Alganza (
Date: Sun Dec 03 2000 - 20:46:38 CET


At 14:56 05/12/2000 +0100, the wonderful big guy (Michele) wrote:

>You have to replace /dev/fd0 with /dev/fd0H1722

Si, Michele, questo o fatto! I did so and it worked out fine!

         I still wonder what was wrong with me and 'mu -i'. I promise to
give it some more tries and try to figure out what the hell I did wrong..
so that we know and perhaps add an entry to the FAQ about making floppies.

         I haven't had much time to poke around with 11r2 yet... but during
my lunch break I have load it and setup WKS, SRV, and X11... it looks
wonderful. I'm really looking forward to spend the whole day tomorrow
playing and discovering all the great things I know muLinux has :)

         Thanks for the great job, Michele, and, BTW... go to Firenze,
please, impress everybody there with your 'savoir faire' and your knowledge
about Linux... and say 'ciao' to Ponte Vechio for me. Man, what a great
place, Firenze!


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