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Date: Thu Dec 07 2000 - 07:59:01 CET

On Wed, Dec 06, 2000 at 07:11:30PM -0800, winsor SMP nicely wrote:

> It might be a good idea to bring a few sets of floppies along too, to demonstrate the modular upgrade approach you've developed.

Obviosly, I will point on the differences. The most important are:

1. A judicious use of the PATH environment variable. If you put a new
   addon with a new (and better) version of a command, the new will
   take precedence. This concept is absent in main Linux distro, because
   all commands are good -ab initio-
2. The system *do not* install: it really *clone*, i.e. it replicate
   itself byte-to-byte. Furthmore: the new copy are still able to
   replicate again. I first clone my EXT2 development muLinux on a CDROM,
   than I re-clone the CDROM in other HDs and so on.
3. Setup is able to store multi-configurations in a single archive: this
   concept is absent in all linuxes.
4. muLinux use *the same* code to setting up a service, either
   in the "user space" (ie after the prompt), either during boot. This
   allow to mantain a single and uniform interface. In big Linux any
   package acts differently, because comes from a different person.
5. muLinux is controllable via Web, using the RCP RemoteControlProgram.


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