RE: Freeze on X11 at 48%

From: winsor SMP (
Date: Sun Dec 10 2000 - 19:19:39 CET

('binary' encoding is not supported, stored as-is) Brandon,

Is this on a "cloned installation" or are you attempting to load this all into ram???
If there's not enough physical memory in a machine any addon will start to load but never finish because there's no room in memory to load it into.
Many times when one does not have enough memory in a machine to load the addons we'd like to use, our only choice is to do a UMSDOS/loop/EXT2 install and create a suitable size "swap file" before attempting to install further addons.
Even with 16megs of actual memory(ram) in a machine I myself cannot see any way to load ALL the addons(as installed they use about 80megs of disk space)but then again I'm no expert on this subject:).
Although a "nonintrusive muLinux" running in ram alone was entirely viable and desireable in earlier versions or if using the "base"(boot+root+usr)only, muLinux along with all it's addons has grown to the point where a "nonintrusive muLinux"(ram only) leaves out many of the machines that people wish to run Linux on, meaning "the old clunker I used to use" or "the machine I could afford".
But then again with all the addons muLinux has grown into a useable operating system itself quite worthy of a full install to a hard disk.


>From: "Brandon Philips" <>
>To: <>
>Subject: Freeze on X11 at 48%
>Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2000 00:51:52 -0800
>I am trying muLinux on a Versa V/50 and every time my X11 disk freezes at
>48% when loading. I have tried making it 4 times and it does the same
>thing. Whats wrong?
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