BSD printing system and fax

From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Sun Dec 10 2000 - 19:38:20 CET

I added the traditional BSD suite for printing in a UNIX system,
in the VNC addon, because here I have free disk space.

Because I can't control how it impacts with other setups (setup/printer
setup/lpd, etc), I created a totally new setup: setup/printcap.

The new printers are correctly loaded in Samba: I created more
printcap entry like:

                raw0 direct print on lp0
                raw1 direct print on lp1
                ascii ASCII printers
                lp default printer
                fax fax printer

The new setup is able to manage Ghostscript printer drivers, if gs
is installed (in my copy, it does).

The fax printer is very nice: after you installed it in Windows,
using your preferred Postscript driver (for example AppleWriter),
you can send fax using a network muLinux. The trick is to
put, somewhere in the text, the field "Fax-Nr: xyz".

Because postscript are in fact simple text files, the phone
number is intercepted and used by efax to call.

I introduced in muLinux my first GPL package, called lprMagic,
disappeared from the Net since long time, but still my current
filter system. It configure via /etc/lprMagic.conf, and it is
able to understand on-the-fly the content of the file and activate
the right filter.
It is able to print not-only papers, but also .wav, .mp3 etc.
If you do:

                # lpr *.mp3

the songs will enter in the queue, and will be processed in turn.

An MP3 player using the venerable Berkeley printing utilities!


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