Re: another mod...

From: Jochen Cichon (
Date: Thu Dec 14 2000 - 11:53:14 CET

> Hi,
> you can modify mulinux as you like by removing/modify
> the binary/script you would't use. Just pay attention to
> don't delete files necessary for the system (like sed :). Look
> at _readme.custom_ for further details.
> You can also change some parameters in _mu.cnf_ for
> redefine ROOT, USR, BOOT size. I find it very usable.
> > and can we setup them from the other disks later?

Sure I can. But after that the disk is only usable as standalone (never
for adding something other, because of removing some things :( )
So my attention at removing was, to ask (here) if we all can change that a bit,
in case of adding some mor to the first floppy. And stop confusion about
scripts that say "cant find..." or something like that.

If noone want's it. Ok. Then I have to do my own Boot/Root/Usr :(
But I have to apply that anytime Michele releases a new version.
Ans as mentioned above, I will not be able to load any addon without
modification. (Like putting the right things back in I removed before)


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