From: Christian Bourgeois (
Date: Thu Dec 14 2000 - 19:06:40 CET

Hi everybody.
This is my first message on the forum, so I hope everything will go fine !

I have a problem with mulinux and my netword card :

> I have installed mulinux on a dos-16 FAT partition 63MB in "C:\MULINUX".
> I have dowloaded WKS and SRV modules
> I have ran UNPACK.BAT, followed by BOOT.BAT (no floppy required, a very
good point !!!)
> Everything works fine.
> info/pci tells me that the netword card is using IRQ 5 and I/O 0xE000.
> It is a VIA Fast Ethernet Card (or something like that).
> If I well remember, it is based on a rtl8139 chip, so it should work with
> rtl8139 netword module.
> But,
> when "setup eth0 CARD=rtl8139 IRQ=5 IO=0xE000 IP=" i always
> get the error "Symbol 'io' not found" !!!
> I haven't figured out where the problem comes from.
> Before installing mulinux on the computer, I had tested it
> with floppy disks (with SRV only, not WKS), and it worked fine with that
> card. But is was not the last version, it was the 11r1 I think.
> I tested the above hard disk installation with the 10r5 and 11r2, and both
> give the same error.

Do you have any idea ?
It'll be very helpfull, as I'm going to install it on about 25 computers !!!

Also, is there any way to protect the "C:\LINUX" from being modified when in
DOS mode ?

Thanks a lot,


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