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From: Jochen Cichon (
Date: Fri Dec 15 2000 - 08:24:33 CET

> An hard work: to clean up the house is a must when Xmas is approaching,
> because more relative will visit us :-)

Do you have so much code on the disk which is not used :)

So for example the samba directory...
There are the config Scripts for the smbd. But that one is on the SRV
Disk. So we can move them to there. (ca. 3kByte)
And the /etc/named... (28k)
The example news /usr/spool/news (7k)

We can as a chance, try to reduce the minimalistic man pages...
Sure not realy userfriendly but smaller.
And ps: do we really nead a MENU???

OK as a chance to publush mu for beginners it's not so bad to provide some man,
help and a menu. But i thought (up to now) that mu is more for small.
So I can do complete working with it. (Mail, News, Quark surfing :), tirc...)
Because I use mu often if I'm not at home. So I just put in the disk
and ... voila... working email reader, and news, irc...
And my favorite: MUD PLAYING! :) (Telnet)

So all on that disk. The only things that are missing is icq and mpg123 (WKS)
And it's very cool to show that to someone else. "I work here with linux...
sure with networking, and ppp. And sure I can read my mail. Wait I have
to switch to another Console. Ja. Sure that is multitasking!"

But at home, there is no need to keep it small. So I have all Addons installed.
And there is a HUGE harddisk (120 MB) :))

Ciao Jochen

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