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From: Dumas Patrice (
Date: Fri Dec 15 2000 - 10:13:40 CET

Michele Andreoli a écrit :

> An hard work: to clean up the house is a must when Xmas is approaching,
> because more relative will visit us :-)
> The truth is ( I'm ashamed to admin that): I've today the control
> only over about 90% of any files, link and symlinks in muLinux. I
> think, after deeply exploration, 200-300 files might be removed,
> because they call anything, or they are autoreferencing itself,
> and so on.
> In addition: surely 20-30% of code in /setup/fun is never called,
> because inusual, or simply obsolete. Maybe, I can gain a 1k (compressed),
> or 50K (uncompressed) a the cost of 5-6 new bug-fix releases :-)
> But I think it is *normal*; experts in genetic, genoma and DNA
> teach us: also our internal code contains a lot of garbage.
> Or I'm wrong? (we have genetist on the list, I know).

A former one, in fact...

Your are right (although the fact that the scientists haven't found any function to that
ADN doesn't means that it hasn't some...). But this arise in part because the ADN can
self replicate... so these parts of ADN are sorts of "virus", but give also potentials
for evolution. Some ADN also get moved, and other activated or inactivated or deleted.
How to do that in mulinux ? Some ideas :
You setup a job in /etc/crontab, that, randomly, replicates files, move them, or delete
them with higher probability when files are smaller, and also set or unset the execute
permission, or also modify one or 2 byte in the files.
At some time you release the mutated mulinux, and then you select the better fitting
mulinux, ie the one that boot and that less users complain about ;-).

Hey, this gives me an idea for gaining place: mutate mulinux by randomly removing files
or bytes in files, and then see whether it still works or not ;-).


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