Re: another mod...

From: Jochen Cichon (
Date: Fri Dec 15 2000 - 15:42:45 CET

> No,no: believe me. If also we remove ALL the scripts and all the DOC from
> the muLinux base floppy, we will gain a ridiculus amount of disk space.
> With a big work, I removed any /setup/cnf/*, adding a default() function
> in any .fun: I gained only some hour of bug-fixing.

Beleve me. I've remove much doc and so on (posted before)
And added mpg123 (working!) and the library (libm...) and some micq clone
but not well compiled... some bugs (am looking towards)

And all on the first disk (without moving any really important)

But sure I have removed the etc named and samba :(
But that doesn't matter... Because the disk should be for using as standalone.


PS: What about splitting the disk in two areas
a 1/2/3 k Area at beginning (that is for the Documentation text what is on the
disk). That area should always have a fixed size.
And after that the normal Image.
So we have to call ADDON only (!) no extra text on the first floppy needed,
no action if there are really new Add-Ons.
And the prolog script should copy all it needs to /etc... or create
symlinks instead...
I think that is a much more elegant way? Isn't it?

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