From: denis (
Date: Thu Dec 14 2000 - 21:11:42 CET

Remove soundblaster... does not work with my notebook 8-P !
Michele, doesn't BusyBox do date/time setting? I found a "ddate" in the wks
addon, but it only changes the day's date I think...
In my UNIX reference, I read:

date [mmddHHMM[yy]] | +format
   Displays or modifies the date
   If the parameter starts with +, the date is displayed using a format in the
form %x
   date 0605190088
   date '+Time:%H%M%S'

-- Denis.

Michele Andreoli a écrit :

> So, please help me:
> 1) to remove only the sound-blaster module? (very big)
> 2) to remove all ethernet cards?

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