Re: A floppy-linux uses RNA!

From: Gerrit Lammert (
Date: Sun Dec 17 2000 - 14:47:38 CET

Hi Michele,

> The 80% of command are scripts extracted from muLinux, but muLinux
> is never mentioned in the web page. A little unpolite, because nuclinux
> can be partially classified as "derived work".

its in the README(

As a base, I have used tomsrtbt (
As well some ideas and programs are taken from muLinux and ccLinux.
But you are right, it is not very polite, that he didn't inform you.
But, as I undersood, he did it primarily for himself (to use in school) and
the site isn't easy to find. That is, it wasn't, when I searched for single
floppy distibutions like mu and toms...
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