suggested add-ons

From: Maxim Belooussov (
Date: Sun Dec 17 2000 - 19:16:50 CET

Hello mulinux users,

Here is a small list of add-ons I think would be great for muLinux
(hard-disk installation).

1. X-windows SVGA (256+ colors) server
2. Netscape (3.0 and above) + RealPlayer (COOL-INTERNET Add-on)
3. Documentation (DOC Add-on, as suggested earlier)
4. Office add on (with text editor, spreadsheet, etc.)

The office add on is more a luxury thing, and I am afraid it can be
too big. Besides, I doubt that a secretary will be very happy using
muLinux for her office platform - "Where is Word?!!"

But documentation would be a great deal helpful to all new users. It's
be very hard to keep it up-to-date, though.

What does everyone else think?

Best regards,
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