From: Bob Romprey (
Date: Mon Dec 18 2000 - 06:53:36 CET

('binary' encoding is not supported, stored as-is) Gerrit,
(speaking strictly tongue in cheek)
You mean like the "kahn"(MPG) server I setup at my last place of employment???
I'll remember that next time I pop in my "civilization" CD for some artificial entertainment*grin*
Who's to say who's right or wrong???
Certainly not me.......


>Hi winsor,
>> Why can't linux be a sound playing play station???*grin*
>Oh, sure it CAN, we know, you could do anything with Linux. :-)
>> I know people with computers that wouldn't own the things if it wasn't for
>the games they play..................
>But those who use Linux for (real) gaming use it as a
>(Dedicated)-NETWORK-Server or as a client for Multi-User-NETWORK-Games. Get
>it? ;-))
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