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From: Gerrit Lammert (
Date: Mon Dec 18 2000 - 17:41:58 CET

Hi Michele,

I perfectly understand your point (that is I think so), but there ARE some
advantages (More space on 1st Disk, independece of versions, so you can use
an old base with a new addon...).

> All that is perfectly possible, but think about that: the new muLinux
> user does boot the first time the floppy disk. It do not know nothing
> about addons and theyr containt. After "login:", it must load by hand
> its preferred addons.

I don't agree with this, when I download mulinux, I see the Addons with
names like X11, SRV... And before that I was on that Homepage, where every
Addon is described. Its the other way, that confuses the newbie, as you have
a menu-entry for lynx, but no lynx (error message) cause it is on some addon
you did not install.
But you point leads me to something:
I installed Suse 7.0 by downloading a floppy-image with network-support, and
it connected to and fetched everything i need.
It shouldn't be too difficult to implement in muLinux (correct me if I'm
To only download what you actually need (at least the base floppy, it has
network-support (if not sound anymore ;-) ) and then "upgrade" via ftp, if
it happens, that you need something else.
Sure, you must have the right addon in the right internet-ftp-folder.
With the suggested system (or something similar) it could just search the
"current"-folder and gets the most up-to-date addon. There could even be an
"update now"-button...

OK, I stop now, as its you who would have to implement this feature not me.
But I'm sure it will happen sometime, as until now you sooner or later
always did, what can be done! :-))

With high hopes and gratitude for what you already did... ;-)


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