Re: New way to install.. was Re: another mod...

From: Dumas Patrice (
Date: Tue Dec 19 2000 - 16:49:02 CET


> A sort of object-oriented programming is already provided with addon:
> in fact, the addon loader ONLY unpack the addon then run the
> script "prolog" located in /usr/XYZ/bin/prolog.

So it is allready an hybrid system...

I will had that removing add-on setup stuff from the 1st floppy doesn't lead to
a large amount of space. You gain the, maybe some files in /etc ?
Some .fun files, but not a lot of, and that's all.

Putting something in the first sectors of the add-on disk, and the add-ons
specific .fun on the add-on disk could become usefull if the number of add-ons
and the ressources that can be setup on the disk were also growing. In my own
opinion, this problem is more a problem of scalability.

> In the future, having time to spent, I will search a solution not
> expensive and will do a try, but believe me: it seems to me a little
> revolution in the actual structure.

I agree with that.
I don't think that implementing such a mechanism changes radically mu's design.
in my opinion the add-on centric view doesn't lead to a different design, only a
different location for setup funs and some info messages, and a way to
automatically link files in /setup dir and in /usr/addon/setup.
A list of all ressources, even those located on the add-ons can reside on the
first floppy, for the boot sequence, and maybe dependance checking.


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