Re: Cripple the Base Floppy ??? (was: New way to install.. was Re: another mod...)

From: Gerrit Lammert (
Date: Tue Dec 19 2000 - 19:08:52 CET

> > IF Michele WOULD place the mentioned scripts to the add-ons, it would
> > not be at all less intelligent.
> Eh? We are discussing about my intelligence? No, no: I used this term
> thinking about its latin sense. Please change "transfere intelligence" in
> "transfer code and scripts".

I understood you, but I saw that Karl-Heinz thought I'm talking about YOUR
intelligence. That is out of question I'm sure!

> So, "to transfer intelligence from BASE to ADDON" should be read like:
> "to stop to consider an addon like a simple piece of
> filesystem and to move in it also the configuration scripts"
> I, reading your apolog about leader etc, I suspected some misunderstanding
> in the background, but now I'm sure of that. Please, if the meaning of
> the apolog is that I'm a sort of autoritative and fascist owner of
> muLinux, I'm very sorry if I created this impression with words or
> actions.

Heaven no!
The leader is the base floppy, the team are the add-ons. I meant the leader
has no need (@Karl-Heinz: remembder, always only my opinion) of stuff that
is only used by the addons. Which is the setup-information for the add-ons.
You are personally perfectly out of question, you are not at all
"autoritative and fascist"!
You are very kind to everyone even if he asks something the 15th time... ;-)

> The truth is that I'm too easily influenced by user's request and we
> have to thank Karl-Heinz Zimmer if muLinux is still consistent with
> the original design.

There always should be an antipode (usually I am...)

> > After all its just the add-on-description, there will be more free space
> > add something new.
> I, as previous stated, consider this argument insufficient, and also
> vagely ridicoulus. The add-on-description descriptions are in a single
> text of 12k. Compressed (as single file) with bzip2 it become 4k. If
> you compress it together the entire filesystem, simply you will not
> notice any difference in the resulting size. Please, try!

I regret to hold that saved memory so high. What is more important is, that
if a new add-on is out you don't have to addapt the base every time.

But enought of that for now, I think everyone is fed up with my defence now.


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