Re: suggested add-ons

From: Alfred Breull (
Date: Wed Dec 20 2000 - 11:32:38 CET

At 15:42 19.12.00 +0100, Christoph LUDWIG <> wrote:
>OK, a doc addon would be VERY nice to have [snip]

I can understand that someone might want to have mulinux manuals
etc also on a 'mulinux disk' or floppy ... something like 'The
complete mulinux'.

However, my view is different -- because I *rather* enjoy mulinux's
basic idea of a minimalistic but (almost) complete linux which even
runs on a 486SX on one (base) floppy (the same way I enjoy Tom's

If I understood the 'mulinux idea' correct, it is *not* intended to
publish just another (maybe better coded) linux distribution but a
minimalistic one (with some/ several extras) which runs on almost
any i386 box with at least 4 MB ram.

Also, this minimalistic idea has been a major reason why *I* decided
for mulinux.

So, from my view, mulinux's general or special docs, manuals etc
should be on a web server (e.g. for printing) and *not* on a floppy
-- except for very few ones which are necessary for running or


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