RE: Iomega Zip100

From: Angoli Giovanni (
Date: Thu Dec 21 2000 - 16:00:06 CET

Hello Pat, Hello all

What you say is not entirely true, older Iomega Zip100 (the kind supported
by ppa.o
kernel module) works nicely under mulinux 11r2, no magic i just did setup -f
(because Iomega Zip is seen as a SCSI device) and entered ppa as my SCSI
ppa is a low level SCSI driver.
Keep in mind not to use lp.o module which conflicts with ppa.

There is no support for newer parallel Zip (100, 250) because imm.o afaik
appeared only
in 2.2.x kernels.
I've also checked slackware archives for imm.o for 2.0.x kernel with no

Oh well my older Zip is working nicely :) i got the new one on my biggest
Debian box.

Before saying goodbye i'd like to say merry xmas and happy new year to all
list subscribers, in particular Michele and all the (almost silent) italian
guys :)



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Robert Heezeman a écrit :

> Does / will mulinux have support for parallel port
> Iomega Zip100.

From mow on, there is no direct support in mulinux for parallel port
devices. It
requires tons of modules, in fact to handle all the protocols. Maybe
this could be on
an add-on ?
Do you have it running on a big linux, so that you know which modules
are required ?
To have it work under mulinux would only require the insmod of the
I can also make a .fun to handle parallel port devices, but it requires
first all the
modules. Does someone know a location of an archive with all the modules
compiled for
2.0.36 ?


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