Re: [mu SETUP} Xwindows

From: denis (
Date: Fri Dec 22 2000 - 15:23:24 CET

You have to resync UMSDOS (don't remember the command, try umssync

You MUST not copy and delete files from \linux directory when in
Windows, do this from mulinux instead, because of UMSDOS

-- Denis.

Ch_Grosse a écrit :

> Hi, everybodyWhen I start Xwindows on my 386/8Mb ram and a 8Mb
> swapfile; I've got the following message:"Starting (rustic)
> xf86config... UMSDOS: out of sync, Creation error [1900738], deleting
> x11.{_f 17 976 pos 960". (I must say that I've copied Mulinux from a
> 486 via a direct serial link).Any idea ?In advance, thanks a lot.

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