muLinux Project Russian Mirror :)

From: Grox (
Date: Thu Nov 15 2001 - 18:37:44 CET

  I setup muLinux page on russian.
On base I took your index.html and now tranlating in progress.
As you see URL is on free hosting (100MB for free I think it's enough for little Linux whit big soul :)
If somebody want to help me just send texts in english whit russian transl. to
The addons can be loaded from
Soon I change the "THIS" url direct to and translate mulinux install txt files.
Good luck and Lyka till( the same but on swedish):)

Georgiy L. Oganisyan.

P.S. The page looks as crasy text whit rus-eng-rus-eng-... text. Sorry I work on it...

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