[mu INSTALL] Unlucky Installer...

From: Jean (jpalazuelos@ifrance.Com)
Date: Sun Dec 23 2001 - 13:10:51 CET


So Now I have a headache...

First I want to run a minimalist muLinux so with the boot disk i answer no for all question. After the question about /usr I have this message : Error creating the TMP ramdisk.

I log as root
and want to clone this install on my /dev/hda2 (ext2) partition ( /dev/hda1 is my swap partition for later configuration)
So I run "clone" choose [2] EXT2, choose lilo on /dev/fd0 (default)
And then
" ABORT you haven't LILO command Missin the right add-on".... grrrrrr

So again but saying YES for installation of SRV (there is lilo inside)
And here the message:
    creating /dev/ram1
    mkfs.ext2 : not found
    Error : missing mkfs.ext2

What happen? Is it because I have to format this partion but how?


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