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Date: Mon Jan 07 2002 - 08:57:53 CET

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> Un byte per pixel mean only 255 different values for the pixel value:
> a very destructive quantization!
> Maybe, the mono server? Very difficult: 255 values are a poor quantization
> also for gray scale.

I wish a ad even 32 shades of gray in my thinkpad :) Well
sometimes the display can't handle large amounts of colors, so it
is wise to use a smaller and faster x-server, I think that the orginal
poster had something like this in mind?

Yep, 16 colours means I have to read, modify and write 1 Byte for every
when I use a 256 colour version I could change the colour a pixel just
with a simple write operation, that should be faster.

I don't know the (S)VGA modes good enough to decide if this is possible.

regards and happy new year.

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