Re: A trick: how to move a pointer remotely

From: Frank Galikowski (
Date: Wed Jan 09 2002 - 09:02:06 CET

Hi Michele,
being at work I cannot check your trick , but I think you mixed the sending
and receiving part of nc in your two lines of coding. This has already been a
subject on the list.
Maybe you can correct this in your help, section unixtips.eng .

The sending machine A adresses the receiving machine B with

# dd if=/dev/mouse bs=1c | nc machine_B_address 5555

receiving machine B is listening at the port 5555 with

# nc -lp 5555 | dd of=/dev/mouse bs=1c

Hint for newbies like me:
Prerequisite for nc is a running connection between A and B.
Check whether you want to use a serial, a parallel or an Ethernet cable
between A and B.
Then setup slip, plip or eth0 on A and B using private addresses like and
Try to reach the other machine with ping or , break
with CTRL- C.
Have fun.

Frank Galikowski
-posting private-

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