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What software do you use under Linux for video editing?
What distro with the 2.4.9 kernel?

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> Maybe, someone should be interested.
> I'm a little exploring video editing and digital acquisition from cameras
> under Linux.
> I get DV movies from a Panasonic digital video camera, using the
> IEEE-1394 (FireWire) port. So, I use ieee1394 driver under 2.4.9 kernel.
> I'm so happy, because at the end all works also with the penguin.
> My problem is: the video format. I'm producing AVI (very big) and
> format MPEG, but I've trouble in Windows98 with MPEG.
> The kind of MPEG I produced only works under WIndow2000, using Window
> Player, doesn't under Win98 (First Edition).
> What's the tool that Windows users regularly uses to play MPEG (video, not
> sound)?
> I wish to send a CD-ROM with a lot of movies to a friend of mine that
> live in Germany (near Trier, Foeren) but I'm not sure if he can read them,
> under Windows or under Linux. Anyway, under Linux the command "plaympeg"
> works great with my mpegs.
> If some one wish to exchange with me about the subject, I accept also
> private emails.
> Michele
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