Re: Dynamic DNS

From: no one (
Date: Wed Jan 16 2002 - 00:41:23 CET

This is a very useful thing to have;
however, having to
load up libc6 just to use it is a bit heavyhanded...

The process of logging into dynamic dns server's to update the ip's should
be a fairly simple business...
ez-ipupdate ( )
might be a better method, I've never quite got around to trying & compiling
it on mulinux...
even if a straight cross-compile is not possible, it should be easy enough
to write a more simple client in mulinux c (or rather only using its
restricted libs), or even one with script & nc :-)

Does anybody else have any experience? A minimalist dynDNS service would be
very useful...

>From: "Fabio Soldati" <>
>To: "Mulinux" <>
>Subject: Dynamic DNS
>Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2002 09:15:53 +0000
>Many people have a dynamic IP address at home. This is probably good to
>save IP addresses. But if you want to run your muLinux as a server,
>itís a disadvantage.
>Dynamic DNS is a fine workaround for this problem. Iíve tested the
>dynamic DNS service from Ė itís free and it works with
>muLinux, unfortunately just with the libc6 support form the Perl addon.
> 1. Create an account at
> 2. Download the linux dns2go-client from there.
> - Just copy the dns2go file to /bin
> 3. Start the client and create the default config file.
> 4. Adjust the dns2go.conf file to your account and probably you
> must change the IP address of the dns2go server to:
> 5. Thatís all. Now you have your own address like:
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