Re: Compiler settings

From: Stephen Isard (
Date: Wed Jan 16 2002 - 14:51:41 CET

Fabio Soldati wrote:
> Iíve a newer Linux distribution and would like to compile some apps for
> muLinux.
> Is there a way to urge the compiler/linker to use libc5 and i386
> optimizations.

I've used a libc5 kit from Tom Oehser (of tomsrtbt) with success on a
couple of occasions. He seems to have withdrawn it from the tomsrtbt
mirror sites, however. I've seen a message in the tomsrtbt archives to
the effect that he's working on a newer, better one. I can put the
archive I downloaded, toms-libc5-kit-0.3.tar.gz, on an ftp site if you
can't find it elsewhere. There is nothing in the documentation to
suggest that he would object.

There is also an informative page at, with pointers to various other
libc5 compiling methods, but I haven't tried any of them because the
toms one has worked for me so far.

Good luck,

Stephen Isard

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