Re: [of topic] programming problems...

From: Serge Skorokhodov (
Date: Wed Jan 16 2002 - 22:16:36 CET

Hi everybody,

VPP> void main (void)
VPP> {
VPP> char variable[25];
VPP> variable="string";
VPP> }

VPP> I have used all my little knowledge of programming on this
VPP> one, but the problem remains and my hair is getting shorter
VPP> :(

If you look into error messages you see something like:

"cannot assign to constant" or "l-value required on the left side
of assignment".

The type of variable in your example is char * const and it
cannot occur on left side of assignment (you cannot change it
legally. Try this:)

(char *)variable = "string";

The result is undetermined though:)

Serge Skorokhodov
17.01.2002 0:11 (Moscow time)
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