Re: Dynamic DNS

From: no one (
Date: Thu Jan 17 2002 - 22:40:30 CET

Right, hacked together a quick one in Bash + nc + small amount of c.

Only stumbling block was that you need a base64 one-way hash of the username
& password to make the request - so wrote a quick c wrapper around one of
the functions from ez-ipupdate. Services other than dyndns seemed to be
validated & updated in an almost identical way, it would appear that the
author of ez-ipupdate intended to resuse his general purpose code with
specific server data, but that the slight differences grew too many & so he
copy & pasted his code, with seperate function's for seperate dynamic dns
systems - glued together with the network code.

Anyway, quick tarball thrown to
For anybody out there interested,
doesn't do any checking to see whether request was processed (simple a
grep'ing the server reply), and you have to enter username&pass into the
shellscript (not good); but, well - it works! And should take just a couple
of k & compile just fine and dandy on mu (currently libc6 binaries, can't be
bothered to reboot machine).

If anybody else wants me to look at any other dynamic dns services (all very
similar), or to write an UI for it... just reply...

Michele, is this something that you might want in the proper release? A full
setup interface to it would be interesting... :-)

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