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From: Sabina & Franz (
Date: Sun Jan 20 2002 - 04:45:54 CET

I just recently used Professor Andreoli's recommended method for Windows
NT. This should work the same for Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

>From the README.txt in archive DOSTOOLS.ZIP:

[begin quote]

1) Create a new directory (eg. c:\mulinux) and move,
mulinux-VERSION.tgz and the addons into it.
2) Unzip using pkunzip or equivalent (Winzip).

                c:\mulinux> pkunzip

3) Run unpack.bat

                c:\mulinux> unpack

  This will open the main archive mulinux-VERSION.tgz

METHOD 1: using the Installer Disk (Suggested for WinNT)

a) Run makefi.bat (formerly makefd.bat) in a DOS window:

        c:\mulinux> makefi

  This will create the "Installation Disk". It is formatted as
  usual, i.e. 1440k.

b) Put this disk in the drive and reboot
[end quote]

The 1.44MB diskette you create with the method described above contains a
bootable Linux kernel which will automatically guide you through the
process of creating the 1.7MB diskettes you need.

Best of luck! Just note that I did suffer problems from a corrupted file
on one of the diskettes. I had to redo the process of downloading and
creating the distribution diskettes, and everything worked fine. Bravo,
Michele and friends!


>I just joined this list so this question may have been answered before. I
>looked at the Archive page but it doesn't exist anymore as far as I could
>see. I wanted to load mulinux on my XP machine but XP doesn't allow one to
>boot to MSDOS. Just wondering if there is still a way to create a boot disk
>for mulinux despite the lack of MSDOS. In the mulinux tutorial it said I
>couldn't create the boot disk from a DOS console window. mulinux works great
>on my W98 machine. Thanks for any assistance!
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