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Date: Mon Jan 21 2002 - 00:43:20 CET

>Upon giving this idea some thought, as well as looking at my own network
>setup, I've found what I consider to be a minor flaw in grepping ifconfig
>in my particular case(which I'm sure could be quite common).
>I myself am using IP_Masq and NAT on a "router" machine, and have multiple
>other backend machines connected to the net via this "router".
>On any of my back end machines, if using your system and grepping ifconfig,
>the DNS info sent to the "DNS server" would contain my private "internal
>only" IP number(192.168.x.x), and thus any attempt at DNS resolution would
>be negated unless executed from the router itself.
>Have you considered this?
No. Well, sort of.
I considered writing an over-ride to the automagic IP grep'ing from
ifconfig, allowing you to enter it by hand.
I think that this would be the most obvious solution, as somebody that
plan's to run internet service's from behind an IP-MASQ'd firewall will
probably be quite capable of telling 'setup' their network topology - I'll
write it in & update the tarball...
Thanks very much for the suggestion, I'll write in a couple of IP-MASQ hints
into the file... :-)

Sorry about lateness of reply, had a great weekend digging up a friends lawn
in order to grow vegetables :-)


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