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From: Sebastian Leske (
Date: Tue Jan 22 2002 - 23:28:59 CET


my reply is a bit late, hope it's still useful.

> Has anyone managed to configure a graphical web browser for mulinux.
> I tried netscape a while back and got "bus errors". If there's
> another browser that works, please let me know.

I don't think Netscape is really the right browser for a small Linux
like muLinux, it's just too heavy (size, memory requirements).

I was in a similar situation, since I needed a lightweight browser for
my laptop (only 12 MB RAM). I looked at several projects, and while
most of those didn't have much to offer, I found one very suitable

It's called dillo, . It is quite
lightweight (stripped binary is 216k, source tarball 284k).
Featurewise, it is not quite Mozilla ;-), but it has the basics,
including decent table support. Missing are: frames, java, javascript
and CSS, but most websites work quite well without those. It even does

It's based on GTK (not Gnome), and the source even seems to offer
support for compilation against libc5!

I have not tried to compile it for muLinux (I use Debian), but there
should not be any major problems. To try: Just download the tarball
from and compile it (should work out of the
box on any modern linux system). Then you'll see how fast and powerful
it is. I actually use it as a secondary browser on my desktop machine,
just because it is so fast.

Maybe that is for you? Maybe someone even has already compiled it for
muLinux, it would be a good addition.


Sebastian Leske

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